Convocation Senators


Eligible Voters

Convocation Senators

UVic’s Senate includes four (4) members who are elected by and from the university’s Convocation. UVic’s Convocation membership includes:

  • the Chancellor, who is the Chair;
  • the President;
  • alumni;
  • past and present members of Senate and Board of Governors;
  • the members of the Senate;
  • regular and retired faculty members;
  • current and retired staff members who have worked at UVic for at least 12 months;
  • students who completed one full year at Victoria College before 1963; and
  • all persons not previously referred to who are named on the roll of Convocation immediately before July 4, 1974.

Members are automatically added to the roll of Convocation. Correspondence will occur via the email address on file.

Convocation Senators normally serve a three (3) year term. All Convocation members are eligible to vote for the Convocation Senator positions. However, in accordance with the University Act, current faculty members at the University of Victoria are not eligible to serve as Convocation Senators. 

About the UVic Senate

Under the University Act, the Senate is responsible for the academic governance of the university, including libraries, faculties, departments, course instruction, fellowships, scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries, prizes, admissions, student appeals, and granting degrees (including honorary degrees, diplomas and certificates). 

Senate plays a key role in the governance of the university.