News and events

For Time Immemorial

Curated by Mel Granley with Guest Curator lessLIE

UVic MBA Webinar

Health Information Science Seminar Series

Prof Jeremy Wyatt presents:

What makes CDSS trustable:

How can the developers of Clinical Decision Support Systems increase trust in their products?

Online via Zoom

Heart-to-Heart Talks

Need direction for your day-to-day challenges? Take some time out of your busy schedule for yourself and discuss what 's important to you.

Emotional life raft group

Build emotional management skills in this group for UVic students

What the Land Holds

What the Land Holdsis a contemporary video art exhibition that examines the land as integral to Indigenous histories and futures, and as a site of ongoing colonization and alienation.

eSim 2021 - a conference on building performance simulation

The biennial conference of International Building Performance Simulation AssociationCanada (IBPSA-Canada).