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UVic Gallery exhibits

Intermediate 3D Design with Fusion 360

Chemistry seminar: Cornelia Bohne

Cornelia Bohne
, Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Victoria
Supramolecular Dynamics: Understanding Complexity using Cucurbit[n]uril Host-Guest Systems
Host: Sree Talluri

Baha’i Devotional

A Baha'i Faith representative and students, are encouraged to share prayers and writingsfrom any faith tradition, including indigenous in a respectful and quiet space.

Dynamics Seminar: Clustering in the three and four colour cyclic particle systems in one dimension

Speaker: Eric Foxall, UBC Okanagan
Location: CLE D130
Event type: Dynamics seminar

Lawyers, Guns, and Money

Reflections on Crime, the Canadian State, and the World Money System

English Conversation Cafe

ACCESS: Academic Critical Communication in English Seminar Series