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The Transgender Archives' online discovery tool searches the world’s largest collection of Trans, nonbinary, Two-Spirit, and other gender-diverse publications!

The Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria is the largest trans archives in the world. Our collections comprise of nearly 400 periodical titles. Each unique issue contains valuable information such as articles written by trailblazing community members, and important historical events that shaped trans history and activism.

In 2016, we identified a representative selection of our periodical titles and began a multi-year project of reviewing each page and tracking historically valuable details, such as people, places, dates, titles, and subject keywords. This database represents approximately 20% of our entire periodical collection, with more materials indexed every day.

[OCTOBER 2020 UPDATE] This full version is faster and is more efficient. It includes 92 publication titles, 749 issues, 5,069 articles, and 925 events. Also, it now includes 108 issues of Transgender Tapestry magazine (1979-2008).

[MAY 2020 BETA LAUNCH] The beta launch of the discovery tool included 91 publication titles, 591 issues, 4,086 articles, and 810 events.  It also included the full run of Transvestia magazine (1960-1986).


From the Chair in Transgender Studies
Aaron Devor – Chair in Transgender Studies; Founder & Academic Director, Transgender Archives
Michael Radmacher – Project Manager & Administrative Officer, Chair in Transgender Studies
Rodrigo Alvarenga, Kai* Brust, & Vithória Dill – Mitacs Globalink Research Interns
Joel Fagan & Sky Karp – Volunteer Community Researchers
Jaye Watts – Office Assistant
Hepzibeth Lee – Work Study Student & Office Assistant
Wren Smith – Work Study Student

From UVic Libraries
Shahira Khair – Data Curation Librarian
Dean Seeman – Head, Metadata
Lara Wilson – Director, Special Collections and University Archivist
Joan Peterson, Pat Dempsey, Alix Gullen, and Susan Fraser-Mosky – Collections Management Services Staff