Our collections

60 years+ of activism. 120 years+ of research.

We preserve original documents recording the history of pioneering activists, community leaders, and researchers who have contributed to the betterment of Trans+ people. We are accessible to everyone, free of charge. 

Our records:

  • span over 160 meters or 530 linear feet (1.5 football fields long),
  • go back over 120 years, and
  • are in 15 languages from 23 countries on six continents

What we hold:

  • Books & pre-publication copies
  • Newsletters & magazines
  • Pamphlets
  • Newspaper clipping files
  • Personal papers & correspondence
  • Organizational records
  • Conference records
  • Research records
  • Court case records
  • Audio recordings
  • Movies & video recordings
  • Photographs & slides
  • Erotica
  • Original art works
  • Ephemera & memorabilia

Aiyyana Maracle

Aiyyana Maracle (1950-2016) was an Indigenous artist, scholar, educator, story-crafter and storyteller from Six Nations territory on the Grand River.

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Ariadne Kane

Ariadne Kane (1936-) founded the Human Outreach and Achievement Institute and Fantasia Fair, the oldest and longest-running event of its kind.

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barbara findlay

barbara findlay, Q.C., is a Vancouver-based lesbian feminist lawyer. findlay represented Kimberley Nixon in her BC Court of Appeal case against Vancouver Rape Relief Society (1995-2007).

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Fantasia Fair

Fantasia Fair started in 1975 in Provincetown, MA, and continues to this day. It provides an open and tolerant space for Trans+ people to learn about themselves.

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International Foundation for Gender Education was a non-profit advocacy org. founded in 1986 by Merissa Sherrill Lynn (1942-2017). It promoted understanding of transgender people.

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Reed Erickson

Reed Erickson (1917-1992) founded and funded the Erickson Educational Foundation (1964-1984), the Homophile organization ONE Inc., and many other educational initiatives.

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Rikki Swin

Rikki Swin (1947-) founded the Rikki Swin Institute (2001-2004), which promoted gender education and research, and housed a library and archives.

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Stephanie Castle & Zenith

Stephanie Castle (1925-2017) was a Vancouver-based author and activist, and founder of the Zenith Foundation and Zenith Digest. She wrote about transsexualism and related issues.

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University of Ulster TGA

University of Ulster Trans-Gender Archive (UK) was founded in 1986 by Richard Ekins. It was the first such collection in the world to be housed within a University setting.

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Virginia Prince

Virginia Prince (1912-2009), was an activist who founded Transvestia magazine, which became the first widely distributed magazine focused on the Trans+ community.

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Other collections

In addition to our larger collections, the Transgender Archives is the proud home of numerous smaller and important collections.

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More to come!

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