Antivirus Software for Students Terms of Service

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Version 1.0
Last Updated July 3, 2019

The Antivirus Software for Students service at University of Victoria is provided in support of the UVicCyberAware program for students. The following agreement ("Agreement") describes the terms on which you may access and use the Antivirus Software for Students service ("Service"). In order to become or continue as a user of this Service, you must read and accept all of the terms and conditions of this agreement. If you do not agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement, you must not use or access the Service.

Your use of this Service is voluntary. This optional service is provided by Symantec Endpoint Protection as one possible option to protect your personal computing device(s).

We reserve the right to modify this Agreement at any time, and without prior notice, by posting amended terms for acceptance on this site. Your continued use of the Service indicates your acceptance of the amended User Agreement.

Information Disclosure

By using the Service, you agree to make your contact/directory information available to Service administrators who are located in North American and Europe for the purpose of support and system administration. You should not add or share personal or private information about yourself that you do not wish others to see. Any personal information that you publish about others must already be publically available, presented by the third party in context, or you must have written consent from the individual prior to publishing it.

Your first name, last name, NetLink ID, email address, IP address, operating system details, location, and samples of malicious files will be stored outside Canada, on servers operated by Symantec. Symantec employees and subcontractors will have access to this information for the purposes of operating the service.  Complete information on Symantec’s use, protection, and access to personal data can be found on their website: 

University Policy

Use of the Service is subject to University of Victoria policies including:


The Service is available via single sign-on only to current students at the University of Victoria with a primary NetLink ID. Upon leaving the University, you will lose access to your Symantec license. This service is available to students as a result of the University of Victoria licensing Symantec products for University-owned machines.  If the university terminates this agreement, this service will no longer be available to students.  The current expiration of this service is March 31, 2021. 


All support for the Service, including all end-user and threat management support, is provided by Symantec Endpoint Protection. Requests for service support can be made by directly contacting Symantec. Symantec provides support for product feature and capability questions and provides online tutorials and how-to documents. University Systems provides support for access to and authentication with Service only. Requests for University Systems support can be made through the Computer Help Desk. In using this service, you consent to receive all communications including notices, announcements, feedback, support or other information from University Systems. University Systems may provide all such communications by email or by posting them as a notice on the University Systems site.


The Service is provided by Symantec Corporation and use of the Service at the University of Victoria is subject to the Services Agreement, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy of the vendor. These documents may change without notice from the University of Victoria or Symantec. These Terms of Service are subject to change at any time without prior notice. All users must agree to any amendments to the Terms of Service to continue use of this service.


This service is operated by Symantec Corporation.  Access to this site may be suspended temporarily and without notice in circumstances of system failure, maintenance or repair or for reasons beyond the control of the University of Victoria. The Service pages may contain links to other websites outside the control of the University of Victoria; the University of Victoria is not responsible for the content of these sites. The University of Victoria provides no guarantee on the availability of content linked within the Service. References and links to any website must not be taken as an endorsement by the University of Victoria. Content posted within the Service must not be taken as an endorsement by the University of Victoria.