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Setting a Vacation Message

The following instructions help you to set a vacation message (also referred to as an automatic reply, or out-of-office message) using filters. Any changes to filters set at will also affect how your mail is handled on any email clients connected to your UVic email address.

  1. Log in to with your NetLink ID and passphrase. In the top right corner, click Settings.

  2. In Settings, click on Filters tab in the left sidebar.
  3. Add a new Filter using the + icon at the bottom.

  4. Give your filter a name (eg. Vacation Message), then do the following:
      • Set For incoming mail to all messages
      • For …execute the following actions, choose Reply with message
      • In the Message body, enter your vacation message
      • In the Message subject, enter a subject
      • In the My e-mail adresses, enter your UVic email address
      • Other options can be set at your discretion

  5. Click Save. You’re done! If you want to turn off the filter but still keep it for future use, click Filter disabled next to the Save button.

If you are unable to configure your forwarding, please contact the Computer Help Desk.