Microsoft 365 email - macOS

Microsoft 365 email is a cloud email service provided to UVic students through our Microsoft 365 subscription. Here are some common support questions about using your Microsoft 365 email account on a macOS device.

Please note: this support information has only been tested on devices running supported versions of the macOS operating system. 

Check your email

You can check your email online through any modern web browser at

Just login with your Netlink ID and password!

Add your email to Outlook

If you prefer checking your email with a desktop mail client, you can add your email to Outlook 365. See Microsoft Support article: Add an email account to Outlook

Get Outlook 365 for macOS

You can download Outlook 365 for macOS at

Just login with your Netlink ID and password!

Can I add my email to Mac Mail

We recommend using a supported Outlook client for full functionality of your email account. You can connect to your UVic Microsoft 365 email account using the Mac Mail app, but Microsoft does not provide support for it. This means you'll miss out on some features and may experience service issues if you use it.

University Systems can only provide best effort support for clients who wish to use an unsupported mail client.

Helpful Outlook 365 for macOS info