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Configure your UVic email with Entourage 2008

You can configure your UVic email account for use with Entourage 2008 as either a POP or an IMAP account. 

1.  Open Entourage and go to Tools, Accounts.

entourage 2008 step 1

2.  Click New, then Mail....

entourage 2008 step 2

3.  In the Account Setup Assistant window, enter your email address and click on Configure Account Manually.

entourage 2008 step 3

4.  Under New Account select IMAP in the drop down menu for Account Type and click OK

entourage 2008 step 4

5.  Enter all of your information in the Edit Account settings tab and match the IMAP and SMTP servers with the information below. Click OK.

entourage 2008 step 5