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Disk usage for students

Students are given 1 GB of disk space for their email accounts and space on the UNIX server, where files for personal websites can be stored. The total disk space on the server is shared by all students at UVic.

When you use more than your permitted disk space, you receive automated emails warning you that your disk space usage is over limit.

Check your disk usage

To check your disk usage, visit the online form and enter your NetLink ID and password.

Reduce your disk usage

Email space is not designed to store large files (pictures, PDF documents, videos, etc). Email attachments and other documents can be stored in your personal UVic Individual Temp disk space. UVic Individual Temp is designed to provide students with disk space where they may save school projects and documents.

Every email folder counts towards total disk usage. This includes deleted, drafts, outbox, and sent items folders. Try cleaning up as many emails located in these folders as you can. A quick way to do this is to purge your deleted folder.

Alternatively, you can POP your UVic email account using an email client and store your emails directly on your computer’s hard drive.