Microsoft 365 email tips

Here are some of the cool things you can do with your Microsoft 365 email account. Check back for new content as more upgrades become available!

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New! Scheduling Poll Add-in for Outlook

UVic student email’s Scheduling Poll add-in allows students to schedule meetings, where the meeting/time date can be chosen by poll by the meeting attendees. Need to have your meeting attendees vote on a meeting time/date so the meeting can be scheduled whenever works best for all attendees? This is the Outlook add-in you for you!

See Microsoft’s how-to documentation at the following link: 

Polls by Microsoft Forms Add-in for Outlook

UVic student email’s new Polls by Microsoft Forms add-in provides a way for students to include a poll within the body of emails. 

Checkout Microsoft’s how-to guides for Polls by Microsoft Forms Outlook Add-in here:

Translator Add-in for Outlook

UVic student email’s new Microsoft Translator add-in provides a way to translate the content of an email you’ve received.

Checkout Microsoft’s how-to guides for Microsoft Translator’s Outlook Add-in here:

Add your course schedule from Online tools

Online tools has been updated so students can download course schedules for their Microsoft 365 calendars!

Note: you'll need to download a new .ics calendar file anytime your course schedule changes.


  1. Login to Online tools and select Student services.

  2. Scroll down to the Registration section and click Current and past schedules. This will open the student registration dashboard.

  3. You can find your schedule for the current term under the Class Schedule section.

  4. Select your term schedule from the drop-down menu and click on the Email icon in the right-hand corner. This will send you an .ics calendar file. You'll have to repeat this process if you add or remove courses from your schedule.

    click on the email icon to send your course schedule file to your uvic email

  5. Login to and open the message with the attached .ics file. Click the drop-down arrow on the attachment and select "Add to calendar".

    click the drop-down arrow on the calendar file attachment to add to your uvic calendar

  6. Select the Calendar tab from the left hand navigation bar. You can now see your added course schedule in your calendar. 



UVic Students Contacts

All Microsoft 365 email student accounts include a handy list of important UVic contacts for all kinds of student services. You'll have the email addresses for the Computer Help Desk, Academic Advising, the Registrar's Office, and more right at your fingertips.

Schedule meetings for group work

Got a group project to schedule? No need to keep track of different text threads anymore, because you can book meetings with other students now! You can also:

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft 365 email accounts come with a task management solution called Microsoft To-Do. You can create lists of tasks, schedule your class deadlines, make reminders for yourself, and more. You can even share tasks with other Microsoft 365 email users if you're working on something together.

You can learn more about this feature at the Microsoft Support hub for To-Do.

Add your Brightspace course schedule to your calendar

No need to copy over all the due dates for your classes because you can just sync your Brightspace calendar with your Microsoft 365 email calendar.

You can find instructions in the UVic Teach Anywhere article: How do I sync my Brightspace calendar with external calendar applications?


Interested in keeping up with new Micosoft 365 features?

The Computer Help Desk makes regular blog posts covering all the latest and greatest features in Teams, OneDrive, Forms, Microsoft 365 email, and more. 

Check out our Microsoft Office 365 at UVic blog on the Online Academic Community for more information!