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Configure Exchange: Android devices

Please note:  Android devices do not fully support ActiveSync encryption so they are not a recommended standard.

Before your start this procedure, it is assumed that you have

  • a NetLink ID,
  • a Microsoft Exchange account (instructions are different for students and WebMail users); and
  • are running a phone with Android version 4 or higher.

Please note that these instructions were written using the Samsung Galaxy III. Instructions may differ depending on your device.

  1. Go into Settings and select Accounts and sync.

    Accounts and sync
  2. Select Add Account.

    Add Account
  3. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

    Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  4. Enter your UVic email address and password. Then click Manual setup.

    Manual setup
  5. If prompted, use UVic for the Domain (see the screenshot for details). For the Exchange server, use Connect using SSL. Tap Next.

    Enter the server settings
  6. You may see a warning about security features. Click OK. For more information about Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync security settings, see...

    Press OK
  7. You will now have an opportunity to customize your email and calendar preferences. You may also choose to give your account a name to differentiate it from other accounts on your device.

    Customize your preferences  Add Account
  8. Your Android device should now be configured for use with Microsoft Exchange.