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Manage junk settings: Outlook 2011 for Mac

The junk email filter level in Outlook is set to Low by default. This will filter the most obvious junk and spam messages to your Junk E-mail folder. We recommend occasionally reviewing the messages in your junk folder to ensure that legitimate messages have not been filtered.

  1. Click on the Tools menu and select Junk E-mail Protection.

  2. Select the Level tab and choose the desired protection setting. Note: if you select either the High or Exclusive filter settings, legitimate emails could end up in your junk folder; you may want to browse your junk folder frequently if you choose either setting.
  3. Select the check box beside Delete messages from the Junk E-mail folder older than __ days, then specify the length of time to keep suspected junk email before it is deleted. Click OK when you are finished.

Safe senders

There may be emails from certain addresses that you never want sent to your junk email folder, such as messages from UVic email addresses. These are called safe senders. You need to use Outlook Web Access (instead of Outlook) to manage your safe senders.

  1. Go to Outlook Web Access and login with your NetLink ID and password.
  2. Once in your email account, click on Options.

  3. Select Junk E-Mail from the left-hand menu.

  4. Under the Safe Senders List, type an email address or domain that you want to always receive emails from. (Note: a domain is the second part of an email address, such as Click the Add button.

  5. Click Save when you are finished.