Migration from VoD to Echo360

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Video on Demand Service Replacement

The current Video on Demand (VoD) platform will be retired December 15, 2021, and replaced with our new enterprise video hosting platform, Echo360. 

As an intermediate step the current VoD platform will become restricted to read-only access on Nov 12, 2021. Therefore no new content can be uploaded.

Video content will be migrated automatically from the current VoD platform into Echo360, however any non-video content will not be migrated.

Clients who do not already have Echo360 accounts will be provisioned by us in advance of the content transfer.

We request that you review the content you or your group currently has on the VoD server and delete videos that are no longer required, and transfer any non-video content to another platform as needed (e.g. Departmental or private file shares, SharePoint or other alternatives).

Any existing references (links or videos embedded on a website) to VoD hosted content will need to be updated from the VoD host to reference the new Echo360 host. Information on how to update player code and references are listed below. The method is slightly different for each platform. 

How to embed Echo360 media in Cascade

How to update VoD to Echo360 media in Cascade

How to add Echo360 media to Connect (SharePoint)

How to update VoD to Echo360 media in Connect (SharePoint)

How to add Echo360 media to the Online Academic Community

Publish and share Echo360 media in your Brightspace course


Overview of the Process

  1. Clients review their content on the VoD server and remove content that is out of date or not video files.
  2. The VoD server will be changed to Read-only on November 12,2021 to ensure no new content will be added to the VoD server.
  3. Clients will be provisioned with Echo360 access if they don't already have one in place.
  4. Video content will be moved in bulk from the VoD server to the Echo360 server.
  5. Clients will be asked to update their links to video content to point to the new Echo360 host locations.
  6. All access to the VoD server will be removed on Dec 15, 2021. Clients should have updated all links to videos before this date.

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