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Planning AV for your event

Are you planning an event?  A talk with a panel of guest speakers or a special presentation?  AV Services is here to help!  Start with an overview of Planning AV for Your Event.

Reminder: Lock the cabinet after every class

The new term is starting and audiovisual services would like to remind you to lock the AV cabinet after every class. Even if there are classes after yours, they may not be using the equipment.

Keep the equipment secure so it will be there for everyone to use.

Also remember to turn off the projector, this saves energy and ensures the equipment lasts longer.

Overhead Projector Phase-Out

For more information read our bulletin.

Digitally Upgraded Rooms

Digitally Upgraded Rooms

As of October 14, 2016, the most recent digitally upgraded rooms are:

  • MacLaurin D116
  • MacLaurin D110
  • MacLaurin D114
  • McKinnon 092
  • MacLaurin A144 - The David Lam Theatre
  • MacLaurin D101
  • MacLaurin D103
  • MacLaurin D109
  • MacLaurin D105
  • MacLaurin D107
  • Harry Hickman Building 128
  • Human and Social Development Building A250
  • Human and Social Development Building A264
  • Human and Social Development Building A270
  • Human and Social Development Building A170
  • Clearihue A105

Has your room been digitally upgraded? Check the classroom audiovisual page to find out.

Not sure how to use the new equipment? Book an equipment demo with Audiovisual Services today!

VHS Technology Phase-Out

VHS Technology Phase-Out

The University will cease support of the VHS format as this technology is no longer being produced or supported commercially. University Systems will attempt to maintain the limited number of DVD/VCR combo units that are currently in the classrooms but is not able to purchase any new players as they are no longer available.  Current machines will not be replaced if they stop functioning.

As a result, instructors that use VHS cassettes in their teaching will need to move to a digital format such as DVD or streaming. To help with this conversion the Libraries have been replacing all high use VHS titles in the collection with an alternate format.  Any VHS titles that are not commercially available on DVD may be eligible for transfer to a digital format. In order for the University to do this legally, permission must be granted by the rights holder. The Libraries will search for rights on a case by case basis. Digitization requests will also be handled on a case by case basis.

For any questions about specific VHS titles in the Libraries’ collection or for questions pertaining to personal VHS tapes please contact Bill Blair, Music and Media librarian (blairw@uvic.ca).