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Mobile Conferencing cart

This unit combines a 55” flatscreen TV, a Logitech Rally conferencing system and a Zoom capable Micro format computer, to create a mobile video conferencing cart that can be wheeled about the UVIC campus to meet your indoor video conferencing requirements.



Catchbox Throwable Wireless Microphone


Catchbox is a soft, cube-shaped microphone, which is designed to be thrown from one participant to another.  It works well for large group sizes at conferences, meetings, workshops, and lectures – any event where your audience will ask questions and provide feedback.  It provides a fun, interactive way to pass a microphone to even the most hard to reach event participants.

Our rentable kit comes with up to two microphones with a range of up to 90m from the base station and integrates with your event's sound system.  Rentals start at $25/day for internal clients.


Reminder: Lock the cabinet after every class

The new term is starting and audiovisual services would like to remind you to lock the AV cabinet after every class. Even if there are classes after yours, they may not be using the equipment.

Keep the equipment secure so it will be there for everyone to use.

Also remember to turn off the projector, this saves energy and ensures the equipment lasts longer.

A Day in the Life

Take a glimpse into a typical day in the life of an AV Services Technology Assistant by viewing A Day in the Life