Honours FAQ

What are the program requirements?

Honours students are required to satisfy course requirements for a major in Sociology and Soci 499 (honours thesis seminar, 3.0 units). Overall course requirements include:

Graduation Standing

An Honours degree requires:

1. a minimum grade of B+ in SOCI 499.
2. a minimum GPA of 6.0 in all upper-level courses.

Honours students who do not meet the above requirements, but complete those for a Major in Sociology, may opt to receive a Major degree.

I’m ready! What are the entrance requirements?

Entry requirements include having a declared major in Sociology, a GPA of at least 6.00 in all Sociology courses numbered at or above the 200 level, including in at least one required methods course. In addition to completing the requirements for a major in sociology, honours students are expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 6.0 in all upper-level courses and to complete SOCI 499 with a minimum grade of B+.

When and how should I apply?

Students typically apply for entry into the honours program at the end of their third year but can apply any time up until the beginning of their fourth year. Declaring a major in Sociology is required prior to applying. Applications should be submitted no later than May of your third year.

Apply for the Honours Program here:

Sociology Honours Application Form

Where do I go for additional information?

You should feel free to contact the Acting Chair of Sociology, Bruce Ravelli, at sociologychair@uvic.ca


If my GPA is not high enough, can I still be admitted?

Unfortunately, this requirement cannot be waived.

However, students often find that their GPA increases in the later years of their programs. Therefore, if you have just finished your second year, consider reapplying at the end of your third year.

Do I need to have a supervisor in place before I can enter the Honours program?

No, you are not required to have a supervisor in place in order to be admitted to the program.   The honours advisor provides assistance in finding a supervisor during the first part of the SOCI 499 seminar and also typically supervises one or two students.  

However, having an appropriate supervisor is one of the most important features of a successful program. Therefore, you are encouraged to think about potential topics and to discuss your interests with potential supervisors before you begin SOCI 499. Faculty members are eager to speak with you!

Who can I approach to be a supervisor?

In most cases, your supervisor will be a regular faculty member of the Sociology Department. You should check the Sociology Department’s website for a complete listing of faculty members.

Also, be sure to check faculty members’ individual listings to get a better idea of their research interests and activities.

Remember, you are not restricted to working with those whom you have already taken courses from. Other faculty may be equally or more appropriate. Also, faculty members will need to be readily available (i.e., not on academic leave) during the period you are writing your Honours essay.

If I have a supervisor, do I need to attend weekly meetings of SOCI 499?

Yes, participating in SOCI 499 is a requirement of the program.

The seminar is designed to support you through the various stages involved in completing your graduating essay, including selecting a supervisor, identifying a topic, developing a proposal, establishing a timeline and plan of action, completing the research, and reporting the results. An important feature is the opportunity to interact with other students in the program.