Bruce Ravelli

Bruce Ravelli
Teaching Professor

Acting Chair (2023-2024)

Office: COR A304

PhD (UVic, 1997)

Area of expertise

Community-Engaged Learning, Social Inequality, Instructional Design

Before joining the department in 2013, Bruce was a professor of sociology at Mount Royal University in Calgary. Bruce is an award-winning teacher who loves teaching. He teaches many of the department’s Introduction to Sociology courses (his passion) as well as a 4th year seminar course delivered using a community-engaged learning (CEL) model. The course requires students to leave the comfort of the classroom and work with local non-profit agencies to complete a project the agency would not otherwise be able to do. A short article on the course is available here.

Bruce has published articles and book chapters on Canadian culture, cross-national value differences, students’ anonymous evaluation of teaching and student experiences in CEL. Bruce has edited several readers, online resources and is co-author of several textbooks for Introductory Sociology. Bruce also developed and maintains a website promoting sociology. Available here.

Bruce is also a co-developer and co-sponsor (with Zvjezdan Patz) of Toofast – an award winning, free, online tool allowing teachers to assess their teaching/courses any time they want to (available here). Since 1999, the software has enrolled over 15,000 users, been translated into 6 languages, and has processed over 500,000 surveys.


Sociology for Everyone Sociology Seeing Ourselves exploring
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Recent Articles

Berard, A., Ravelli, B. 2021. “In Their Words: What Undergraduate Sociology Students Say about Community-Engaged Learning”. American Journal of Applied Sociology.


A series of Bruce’s former students “Looking Back” at what they learned in Intro (produced with the support of Pearson). Available here. 

A video highlighting UVic Student’s experiences using Pearson’s Revel learning platform. Available here.

Bruce developed and coordinated (with the support of Pearson) a series of videos by Canadian sociologists confirming Why Sociology Matters. Available here.

As part of World Teaching Day (October 5, 2020), Pearson asked Bruce to comment on how the pandemic affected teaching and his advice for colleagues moving online. Available here.