Margaret J. Penning

Margaret J. Penning
Professor, Emeritus
Office: COR A305

PhD (Alberta, 1993)

Area of expertise

Aging, Health and Health Care

Understanding Health, Health Care and Health Policy in Canada

Dr. Penning’s sociological research interests include aging, health and health care. Within these areas, her research tends to focus on issues of marriage and family, informal and formal care in relation to chronic illness and disability in middle and later life, mental health and well-being, and structural inequalities in health and health care.  She is currently the principal investigator of a program of research focusing on the implications of immigrant status, gender and race intersections for well-being in middle and later life.



  • Aging
  • Health and health care
  • Aging and family life
  • Care giving and care receiving
  • Social networks and social support
  • Health care systems and health care reform


Selected publications