Hannah Ahluwalia - Sociology Coop Student of the Year - 2020

Congratulations to Hannah Ahluwalia - Sociology Coop Student of the Year 2020!

Sociology – Hannah Ahluwalia

Hannah stands out as a student worth celebrating based on her amazing contribution in the Fall 2020 term. She is a coop student supporting ACE-WIL BC/Yukon. In this role, she is providing valuable support to many initiatives, which in turn has meant that important initiatives are happening and that volunteer (employees in provincial coop and other wil programs) time has been spared! Through communication initiatives, she helps inform members of important information, builds community, and learns important information that will help the organization. Through her research initiatives, she has helped the association make recommended changes to bylaws. If approved, the bylaws will contribute to the sustainability of the organization. In addition to her contributions in ACE-WIL BC/Yukon, she has also made time to contribute to Social Sciences Programs. She shared inspiring and insightful information to prospective students during our Coop Info Day event for Sociology. We are grateful that Hannah is our coop student!