SOCI 390:The Sociology of Star Trek

Star Trek

Coming Fall 2018....

Wednesday evenings

4:30 – 7:30pm

Instructor: Edwin Hodge


As one of the most iconic pop-culture phenomena of all time, the long-running CBS franchise Star Trek presents students with a wonderful opportunity to examine cultural change and social action through media.

This course will use elements of the Star Trek universe, from the television series and films to novelizations and fan-made content to examine the interactions between media and consumers in a way that highlights the influence that popular media can have on social action.

Over the semester, this course will consider issues around Star Trek’s representations of gender and race, in addition to examining the emergence of Star Trek fandoms (and fandom in general) as a specific sub culture. Finally, we will examine the ways in which the philosophies presented in the Star Trek universe have been adopted by some fans as a blueprint for utopia.

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 Star Trek 2018