Learning Assistance Program


The Learning Assistance Program (LAP) based out of UVic’s Centre for Accessible Learning. With all university classes recently moving online, many students may feel overwhelmed as they cope with changes to their coursework. The LAP runs a fee-based specialized tutoring program and learning assistance program, as well as a free program called Study Solutions. Recognizing the challenges students are facing this term in the face of unideal circumstances, we wanted to look at ways in which our program could reach a wider range of people who may benefit from extra support.

We believe in empowering students to develop their unique strengths and we support them to achieve success as they define it.

Now for the details:

  • Tutors and strategists Outreach for the UVic Learning Assistance Program receive approximately 25 hours of training and professional development the first year they work with us. Our training emphasizes a strengths-based approach, and exploring ways that tutors can deliver a personalized service to each student, based on their goals and approach to learning.
  • Tutors work with students in specialized subject areas. Learning Strategists help with the organization aspects of university such as time management, exam preparation, motivation and procrastination, effective studying techniques, and more.
  • The cost is $40/hour, and students are invoiced once at the end of term.
  • Study Solutions is a free program where students can sign up to work with a learning strategist over skype or zoom up to a week in advance.

To inquire further, or to request a tutor, students can email learning@uvic.ca. More information is also available on our blog: oac.uvic.ca/lap . Our Study Solutions page is located here: https://onlineacademiccommunity.uvic.ca/lap/studysolutions/