New CBC documentary on trans* people called "Transgendering Gender"

On Thursday night, 26 February 2016 at 9:00 PM, the CBC began airing a new documentary on trans* people called “Transforming Gender” as part of its Doc Zone television series. It talks with eleven trans* people ranging from young kids Olie Pullen in Quebec and Wren Kaufman in Alberta to 89-year-old Stephanie Castle in BC. Most of the people in it are Canadian but it also includes New Yorkers Krystina Elisa Crespo and fashion model Geena Rocero. Some of the other Canadians include Aaron Devor speaking in the Transgender Archives, Dr. Carys Massarella of the Quest Community Health Center in St. Catharines ON, psychotherapist Hershel Russell in Toronto, and Research Fellow Dr. Alex Abramovich at CAMH in Toronto. One of the cool things about this show is that everyone in it is either trans* themselves, or a supportive parent of a young trans* person.

This documentary is available for viewing on the CBC site or on Vimeo.