Call for Proposals: Moving Trans* History Foward 2016 - Building Communities* Sharing Connections

Moving Trans* History Forward 2016
Building Communities * Sharing Connections

March 17-20, 2016

Call for Proposals

Trans* and gender non-conforming (GNC) community-based scholars and activists, academics, family members, and allies of trans* and GNC people are invited to submit proposals for presentations, panels, posters, grass-roots projects, and workshops for the 2016 Moving Trans* History Forward (MTHF16) conference sponsored by the Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria. Two fantastic keynote speakers have been lined up: Martine Rothblatt and Jamison Green, as well as some fantastic people for our popular Founders panel. 

We welcome proposals concerning any aspect of preserving and recounting the history of trans* and GNC people and communities. Submissions from all perspectives and pertaining to all eras and regions of the world are welcome. The language of the conference will be English. Proposals that expand the horizons of trans* and GNC history, and engage related fields, are particularly encouraged. Please limit your proposals to material not yet published, or in press.

Some questions to prompt your thinking:

  • Where and how do we find and record the histories of trans* and GNC communities and people?
  • What are the stories of trans* and GNC people’s courage and bravery?
  • How can activism and history meet and lead to more inclusive histories?
  • How do we avoid obscuring important counter narratives in the histories of trans* and GNC people?
  • How have trans* and GNC people’s failures and difficulties led to alternative models of success?
  • How has the language to describe trans* and GNC people evolved?
  • What are the histories of ideological and strategy debates within trans* and GNC communities?
  • How are successful collaborations among trans* and GNC activist communities built?
  • What are the stories of trans* and GNC people’s allies?
  • How do mainstream historians work with trans* and GNC communities who have had traumatic histories with gatekeepers and others in positions of power?
  • How do trans* and GNC historians experience and navigate their work?
  • What are the challenges specific to the preservation of trans* and GNC archives?
  • What do we learn from our histories that can help us to build better futures?

Please submit your abstract as a pdf attachment to by Nov 16, 2015.

Please use a subject line in your email of “MTHF16 Proposal <your last name>.”

Include in your proposal:

  • Your name(s)
  • A title for your proposal
  • The format you would like to use (e.g. academic paper, poster, panel, workshop, slide show)
  • Your community group or institution, if you are representing one.
  • Your AV and IT requirements
  • An abstract or description (max. 200 words) that includes:
  • an overview, including a historical time frame;
  • a contextualization of your proposal within scholarly literature or activism;
  • a short discussion of your methods;
  • your conclusions and their importance.
    • Three key words

Watch their Facebook Event page for more info or follow them on Twitter. Sign up if you’re planning on coming. Invite your friends to come too.