Department of Sociology Announces: Honours Program 2016 Presentations

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
2:30 - 4:00pm
Cornett Building, Room A129

Come and learn about what the Honours students have been researching this year.  Each student will give a brief 8-10 minute presentation on their project with time for questions.

Presenters Include:


  1. Andrew Elliott: “Ethnic and Racial Differences in Sense of Belonging to Canada:  The impact of Sense of Belonging to an Ethnic or Racial Group.”
  1. Maria Finnsdottir: “Contraceptive Use in Canada, 2001-2011: A National Portrait.”
  1. Jason Miller: “The Ideology of Inspiration: Sports Discourse and Capitalist Legitimation.”
  1. Heather Harukioja: “Exploring the Nature of Elder Abuse in Ethno-Cultural Minority Groups: A Community-Based Research Study.”
  1. Patrick Teichreb: “Ageing, Bodies, & Technology: A Sociological Analysis of Testosterone Treatment and Brain Training.”
  1. Emily Penner: “The Children of Mentally Ill Parents: A Targeted Review of Literature.”
  1. Brett Koenig: “(Non) Straight-Involved Youth: Exploring Pathways to Street-Involvement Among Non-Heterosexual Youth.”

All are welcome! Snacks and refreshments will be served.