Jeremy Viczko

Jeremy Viczko
Area of expertise

Clinical Neuropsychology


Dr. Colette Smart


Research Interests

At the broadest level I am interested in the neuroscience of different states of consciousness from basic and clinically applied scientific perspectives. My previous work at the University of Alberta (C.Dickson) and at Western University (S.Fogel and A.Owen) largely focused on the relationship between sleep and memory processing.

My current and future projects here at the University of Victoria (C.Smart) investigate state and trait psychophysiological changes emerging from different meditative practices, and evaluate whether technology can be effectively used to facilitate meditation training and enhance the mental health benefits thereof.

I use a multimodal approach in my research investigations, and typically incorporate a combination of EEG, cognitive and behavioural tasks, and questionnaire data.


Representative Publications

Tarrant, J., Viczko, J., & Cope, H. (2018). Virtual reality for anxiety reduction demonstrated by Quantitative EEG: A pilot study. Frontiers in Psychology.

Viczko, J., Sergeeva, V., Ray, L.B., Owen, A.M., & Fogel, S.M. (2018). Does sleep facilitate the consolidation of allocentric or egocentric representations of implicitly learned visual-motor sequence learning? Learning & Memory.

Viczko, J., Sharma, A., Pagliardini, S., Wolanksy, T., & Dickson, C.T. (2014). Lack of respiratory coupling with neocortical and hippocampal slow oscillations. Journal of Neuroscience.


Representative Presentations

Viczko, J. (2019). “A Crash Course on Sleep Neurophy-Zzz-iology: Normal and Abnormal Changes to Sleep into Older Age.” The Aging body: Tips on how to enhance its performance. Invited speaker. University of Victoria Retirees Association, Elder Academy Lecture Series, Victoria, BC. Jan 26.

Viczko, J., Segalowitz, S.J., & Smart, C.M. (2018) "On the Nature of Wakefulness: Examining the relationship between self-report and electrophysiological markers of arousal in long-term Vajrayana Buddhist Meditators." 58th Annual Meeting of the Society for Psychophysiological Research, Quebec City, QC. Oct 3.

Viczko, J., Ray, L., Owen., A.M., & Fogel, S.M. (2015) "Rhythm, routine, and reason: Circadian markers relate to intellectual ability." Canadian Sleep Society Conference, Toronto, ON. Sept 25.


Recent Awards

  • 2018 Canada Graduate Scholarship - Doctoral | NSERC
  • 2018 President’s Research Scholarship
  • 2018 CPA Clinical Neuropsychology Section Research Award
  • 2017 President’s Research Scholarship
  • 2017 Canada Graduate Scholarship - Masters | NSERC
  • 2017 W.H. Gaddes Scholarship
  • 2016 Norma Wilson Graduate Scholarship