Iris Gordon

Iris Gordon
Office: COR A215
Area of expertise

Experimental Neuropsychology


Dr. Jim Tanaka

Research interests

My current research interests are in the development of cognitive interventions for developmental disorders, such as Autism. I am interested in the perceptual abilities and deficits associated with these disorders, thus another line of research I am pursuing involves perceptual expertise and brain function as measured by ERP and behavioral measures.

Representative publications

Gordon, I., & Tanaka, J. (submitted) Names and Faces: the role of name labels in the formation of face representations.

Tanaka, J., & Gordon, I. (in press). Features, configuration and holistic face processing. In Calder, A.J., Rhodes, G., Haxby, J.V., & Johnson, M.H. (Eds.), The Handbook of Face Perception, Oxford University Press.

Representative presentations

“Toward an Intervention in Facial Expression production in individuals with Autism”. Presented at the Autism Research Training workshop. Montreal, QC, August 2010

 “Face representations and Learning: an ERP study”. Presented at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society. Montreal, QC, April 2010

“Joe/No-Joe, Bob”. Presented at the Perceptual Expertise Network XVII. Chicago, IL, 2008

Recent awards

  • University of Victoria Fellowship 2007-2009,
  • HELP Uvic: REACH Research Excellence Award, 2008
  • Autism Research Training (ART) 2009