Fanie Collardeau

Fanie Collardeau
Area of expertise

Clinical psychology

Research Interests

 My current research centers around the expression and regulation of shame in diverse cultural and social contexts. For my doctoral research, I am examining how individuals from different cultural groups think about shame, and the influence of culture and discrimination on the experience and regulation of shame.

My previous research included work on family dynamics and romantic relationships in young adulthood, and two program evaluations through the Center for Youth and Society.


Representative Publications

Collardeau, F. & Ehrenberg M. (2016) Disruptions in Close Relationships in Children and Adolescents with Divorced Parents: A Review of the Literature and Implications for Research and Practice. In Shannon Grant (Ed.) Divorce: Risk Factors, Patterns and Impact on Children's Well-Being. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

Marshall, A., Collardeau, F., Roche, T., Pringle, E. & Cumming, J. (2016) Evaluation of Child Parent Relationship Therapy. A joint initiative of Island Health's Child, Youth and Family Mental Health Services (CYFMH) and Child, Family, Rehabilitation Services, Early Intervention Program. Report for Program Managers at the Queen Alexandra Hospital – Community-based research project from the Center for Youth and Society, University of Victoria.


Recent Awards

  • 2013-18:  Uni. of Victoria Graduate Awards
  • 2016: Certificate of Academic Excellence for Master’s Thesis, Canadian Psychological Association
  • 2015: Myers Horrowitz Award, CFYS, University of Victoria
  • 2013-14:  Uni. of Victoria Outstanding Graduate Entrance Award