John K Sakaluk

John K Sakaluk
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. 2015 (University of Kansas) joined department in 2016

Office: COR A240

I am interested in the social, relational, and psychological factors that promote health and wellbeing, broadly defined, in the context of sexual relationships, such as norms (their content and strength), attachment styles, and self-esteem. A defining feature of my research in this area is my use of varied study designs and methodologies, including: (1) behavioral observation; (2) daily-diaries (3) experimental manipulations (4) meta-analysis; (5) measure development; and (6) real-time technology-facilitated collection of survey, audio, and health data (e.g., via smartphones and smartwatches). These approaches to data collection often demand the use of advanced statistical techniques (e.g., forms of latent variable modeling).

I am also interested in the ongoing discourse regarding the replicability of scientific findings, as it applies to social psychology and sexual science. To that end, I have, on occasion, contributed metascientific commentaries, critiques and proposals, and am intent on growing a lab that subscribes to open-science values. 


  • Close Relationships and Sexuality
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Latent Variable Analysis
  • Meta-Analysis
  • Methodology and Metascience

Representative publications

Sakaluk, J. K. & Gillath, O. (2016). The causal effects of relational security and insecurity on condom use attitudes and acquisition behavior. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 45, 339-352.

Sakaluk, J. K., & Short, S. D. (2016). A methodological review of exploratory factor analysis in sexuality research: Used practices, best practices, and data analysis resources. Journal of Sex Research. doi: 10.1080/00224499.2015.1137538

Sakaluk, J. K. (2016). Exploring small, confirming big: An alternative system to The New Statistics for advancing cumulative and replicable psychological research. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 66, 47-54.

Sakaluk, J. K. (2016). Promoting replicable sexual science: A methodological review and call for metascience. Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 25, 1-8.

Sakaluk, J. K., Williams, A. J., & Biernat, M. (2014). Analytic review as a solution to the problem of misreported test statistics in psychological science. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 9, 652-660.

Sakaluk, J. K., Todd, L. M., Milhausen, R. R., Lachowsky, N. J., & the Undergraduate Research Group in Sexuality. (2014). Dominant heterosexual sexual scripts in emerging adulthood: Conceptualization and measurement. Journal of Sex Research, 51, 516-531.