Cognition and Brain Sciences Seminars

3:00 - 4:30 PM, Fridays

Online via Zoom

The Cognition and Brain Sciences (CaBS) program hosts a weekly seminar series (CaBSSem) most Friday afternoons from September through April. About two thirds of the sessions are dedicated to presentations by faculty and/or grad students in our program; the remaining third feature talks by visiting researchers.

Anyone with an interest in cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive science, or generally anything cognitive, is welcome and encouraged to attend.

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Date Presenter Title
Sep. 10 Remembering Tony Marley
Sep. 17 Dr.Jim Tanaka The expertise of object and face recognition
Sep. 24 Dr. Daniel Bub Still playing 20 questions after all these years
Oct. 01 Dr. Michael Masson The Relationship Between Bayes Factor and Bayesian Credible Intervals
Oct. 08 Dr. Stephen Lindsay Constraints on What Cognitive Psychologists Can Tell Judges and Juries About Eyewitness Evidence
Oct. 15 CABS Candidate #1 TBA
Oct. 22 CABS Candidate #2 TBA
Oct. 29 CABS Candidate #3 TBA
Nov. 5 Dr. David Medler

Trust versus Knowledge: Factors Influencing Adherence to COVID-19 Guidelines among Academics  

Nov. 19 TBA
Nov. 26 Dr. April Nowell Growing Up in the Ice Age: Were Children Drivers of Human Cultural Evolution?
Dec. 3 Dr. Ipek Oruc (UBC) Pathogenic heterogeneity for face processing in autism revealed by support vector machine classification
Dec. 10 Eva Rubinova
Dec. 17 Dr. Martha McGiness TBA
Jan. 14 Kira Dolhan TBA
Jan. 21 Justin Kantner TBA
Jan. 28 Thomas Ferguson TBA
Feb. 4 Patrick Dywer (UC Davis) TBA
Feb. 11 Amy Vanwell TBA
Feb. 18 Eric Mah TBA
Mar. 4 Josh Palmer TBA
Mar. 11 Michael Wilden TBA
Mar. 18 Morgan Tesky TBA
Mar. 25 Morgan Shaeffer TBA
Apr. 1 Alison Campbell TBA
Apr. 8 Made Hawily TBA

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