Congrats to Regan Burles on recent paper

Congratulations to Regan Burles and Will Kujala (former UVic Poli MA) who have published a paper titled “The Politics of Ethics: Spinoza and New Materialisms,” the journal, Theory & Event: The paper evaluates the use of Baruch Spinoza’s ethical philosophy in new materialist political thought. While Spinoza’s Ethics figures prominently in this literature, his political works remain marginal. For Spinoza, the paper shows, the transformative potential of the Ethics is both enabled and limited by a series of political conditions associated with theories of the early modern state. The Ethics thus already presumes certain answers to questions about the nature and limits of political authority and political space that may implicitly limit the ethical self-transformation implied in what affect theorists take to be Spinoza’s philosophy. The implication for those drawing on the Ethics is that they risk leaving intact the limitations of the liberal politics of right, territoriality, sovereign power, and the cultivation of fear that they hope to contest.