Publication news from Amy Verdun

The Special Issue of JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies was published on “earlyview” on Dec. 3. JCMS is a high impact journal (H-index of 3.990 in 2020; and one of the leading journals in European integration). The Special Issue (co-edited with Valerie D’Erman) also involved two former UVIC postdocs, Daniel Schulz and Dennis Zagermann, who both worked on this grant project.

Article 1: An introduction: “Macroeconomic Policy Coordination and Domestic Politics: Policy Coordination in the EU from the European Semester to the Covid‐19 Crisis” in JCMS 

Article 2: “The European Semester in the North and in the South: Domestic Politics and the Salience of EU‐Induced Wage Reform in Different Growth Models” in JCMS

Article 3: “The European Semester as Goldilocks: Macroeconomic Policy Coordination and the Recovery and Resilience Facility” in JCMS