Grad funding opportunity September 2022

Opportunity for funded PhD in Political Science, University of Victoria (UVic)
Under the supervision of Dr. Marlea Clarke (UVic Political Science), working with Dr. Supriya Routh (UVic Law), up to two, four-year funded graduate positions in Political Science at the PhD level are being offered to support the SSHRC project Transnational Legal Governance, Modern Slavery and Forced Labour in Supply Chains: Canada in a Global Context.

Project Overview
The project is hosted by the School of Labour Studies at McMaster University (Dr. Judy Fudge is the Principal Investigator) and involves two UVic faculty members (Dr. Marlea Clarke, UVic POLI) and Dr. Supriya Routh (UVic Law) as co-investigators. This project focuses on recent initiatives designed to eliminate forced labour and modern slavery in labour and supply chains, and the effectiveness of such initiatives. The project has four main research strands: (1) policy and legislative initiatives introduced by the Canadian government to combat modern slavery; (2) Canadian corporate social responsibility measures adopted by leading Canadian firms; (3) worker organizing and worker-driven (‘bottom-up’) social responsibility initiatives; and (4) modern slavery laws and how they operate. Research will focus on a range of different sectors including the garment and textile industries. See our project website for more information on the project and research strands:

Graduate Funding
This opportunity offers funding for four years for students who have been admitted to the Political Science graduate program (PhD) at the University of Victoria. Students must apply and be admitted to the Political Science program (see the department’s website: in order to be considered for this funding opportunity. In general, PhD students in the Political Science department complete coursework in year one, comprehensive exams in year two, and fieldwork in year two or three. Students accepted as research assistants to this project will be funded through a combination of fellowships, and employment as a research assistant and teaching assistant, to a value of $25,000-$30,000/year for four years (a fifth year is possible).

While students can work on any of the four strands, priority for this fellowship will be given to students whose research interests and proposed PhD dissertation research focuses on a topic linked to stands 2 & 3, and / or to the garment and textiles industries.

Students must meet the requirements for the Political Science PhD program at UVic and must be accepted into the program in order to join this research project. In general, applicants must have obtained a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Political Science or related field. Strong written and oral skills in English are a requirement for a successful applicants, and applicants will be expected to demonstrate excellent communication, writing, analytical and organizational skills. Students with training in political economy, law or labour studies, or specific skills or training in qualitative, policy or legal research are encouraged to apply. Individuals with previous knowledge, research or work-experience on topics related to this project are especially encouraged to apply.

The University of Victoria is consistently ranked in the top tier of Canada’s research-intensive universities. As an internationally renowned teaching and research hub, we tackle essential issues that matter to people, places and the planet. Situated in the Pacific Rim, our location breeds a profound passion for exploration. The successful applicants will be joining an active Political Science department with a vibrant graduate program. The Political Science department is proud to be a space for high quality, internationally oriented, community-engaged, and social justice focused research and teaching. You will be part of an exciting graduate program that brings together students with diverse backgrounds and interests to learn together in a supportive environment. The University also has several strong, dynamic research units, such as the Centre for Asia Pacific Initiatives (CAPI) and the Centre for Global Studies (CFGS), which offer additional fellowships for graduate students.

Importantly, you will be part of a dynamic, interdisciplinary, international research project with leading scholars working on the four research strands and will join the UVic research team for this project lead jointly by Dr. Marlea Clarke (POLI) and Dr. Supriya Routh (Law). We will organize research and policy-oriented training workshops for students involved in the project, and will involve students in all aspects of the project, including literature reviews, data collection and analysis, and writing and presenting academic journal articles and policy papers. Finally, successful applicants are eligible for research funding for one research trip during the period of study, and some additional funds are available for conference attendance.

The deadline is January 15, 2022 but early applications are highly encouraged. Candidates must apply to the UVic Political Science graduate program and must meet the department’s requirements. See the website:

Applicants must also submit a CV and a 1-2 page letter that outlines their research interests, background and proposed dissertation topic to Dr. Marlea Clarke () by January 10, 2022. Please specify in your application how your past academic and work experience has prepared you for fulfilling the tasks required of this position. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Clarke early (by about January 3rd, 2022) to discuss proposed dissertation topics and their ‘fit’ with this research project. Only complete applications will be considered