Tough on Crime book launch, Oct. 15 1pm

Dr. Michelle Bonner
Dept of Political Science University of Victoria
*Book Launch*

“Tough on Crime: The Rise of Punitive Populism in Latin America”
Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019, 1-2:00 pm, SED C168

Tough on Crime (Pittsburgh University Press, 2019) offers an analysis of the role of mass media in political leaders’ increased use of tough on crime rhetoric and policies to win elections and popular support. It argues that changes in journalists’, state, and civil society organizations’ communicational practices that have emerged as a result of neoliberal reforms to media policies (privatization and particularly deregulation) have encouraged punitive populism. These media reforms have decreased the role of the media in accountability, homogenized public opinion as punitive, and increased the importance of media in policymaking. These changes have favoured punitive voices over those concerned with human rights. Thus, rethinking media policies might be a first step toward reducing punitive populism. While centred on the cases of Argentina and Chile, the analysis and findings contribute to broader discussions in countries around the world about the causes of the rise of punitive populism, as well as the challenges it poses to police reforms and democracy.

This talk is part of the Department of Political Science and Latin American Research Group’s speakers’ series, in collaboration with the Centre for Global Studies.