PhD program with IN certificate

Indigenous Nationhood
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For those students registered as graduate students in IGOV, Political Science or Law, and the Certificate in Indigenous Nationhood, you should check which courses for your MA, PhD or LLM could be used to satisfy both your home department degree requirements and the Indigenous Nationhood certificate requirements. Keep in mind that depending on how students arrange their courses in IGOV, political science, law or another graduate program, the certificate in Indigenous Nationhood requires additional units of course work.

Here are some examples of requirements for students registered in a Political Science PhD program and the certificate in Indigenous Nationhood:

Requirements Units

Two field seminars:

-1.5 units in IN 601
-1.5 units in one of POLI 608, 609, 616, 640 (POLI course counts towards 1.5 IN elective requirement, IN course counts as one of two classes allowed from outside of POLI)


Elective courses:

-1.5 units in POLI elective courses
-4.5 units in pre-approved IN elective course (1.5 units must be in IGOV, 1.5 units must be in LAW, and 1.5 units must be in POLI; two of these courses will count toward the POLI requirement of 4.5 units of the electives)

Professional Development Seminar (POLI 600) 1.5

POLI 693 (Completion of Candidacy Exams):

-1.5 units in IN 697 will make up one of two required candidacy exams
-1.5 units from the second candidacy exam in one of the POLI sub-fields (Political Theory, Comparative, International Relations, Canadian Politics, or Public Policy and Governance)

Dissertation Proposal and completed Dissertation (POLI 699) 30.0
Total units 43.5