Program and requirements

The HDCC Certificate Program requires the successful completion of HDCC 200, 300, HDCC 400 and HDCC 490, plus (3) 1.5 unit electives totalling 10.5 units.

Core courses

HDCC 200 Introduction to Human Dimensions of Climate Change: 1.5 units

An introduction to understanding and mitigating the impacts of climate change. After a basic introduction to the physical nature of climate change, the focus turns to impacts on humans in political, economic, sociological, and psychological terms, including possible mitigation and public policy strategies. 2020 Course outline  Course calendar

HDCC 300 Climate Change: An Opportunity for Social Transformation: 1.5 units

An opportunity for critical engagement with climate change as physical transformation, cultural object, and incitement to social transformation. 2021 Course Outline Course calendar

HDCC 400 Seminar on Human Dimensions of Climate Change: 1.5 units

You will (normally) have completed HDCC 200 and HDCC 300 (and at least 2 electives that deal with the human dimensions of climate change) before they take HDCC 400. The capstone course will serve both to share and to integrate knowledge from the required and elective courses. 2021 Course Outline Course calendar

HDCC 490 Experiential Learning: 1.5 units

This course will give you a wide range of experiential learning opportunities ranging from learning how people working in local authorities on Vancouver Island and how they are integrating climate change into their work, to engaging with those working in civil society organizations, to those working with technological innovations, with others in the fields of health, sustainability, food security, as well as other areas related to mitigation and adaption to climate change. Course calendar

Note: Course descriptions are borrowed from the UVic calendar. For the most recent information, refer to the calendar link provided.


As a student in the HDCC Certificate Program, you are required to take three (3) 1.5 unit electives from the approved list of elective courses that include significant components of climate-change related content relevant to the certificate. Other courses may be considered as electives if the course content warrants and with permission of the HDCC director.

No more than 3 units of approved electives may be taken from any one unit without permission from the director. If not already part of their program, students are encouraged to select one of GEOG 103 or EOS 110 from their lower level electives as well as EOS/ES 365 from upper level options.