Combined Major Programs

A combined major opens up the opportunities for students who wish to gain in-depth knowledge of two disciplines. Students will be able to combine select requirements from the fields of two different majors.

Once you have selected a degree program, check out our degree planning page, which provides details on course selection, including appropriate geography courses and co-requisites from other faculties or departments. Each program is accompanied by a degree planning form designed specifically for that program. Fill in the blanks to plan your degree. Undergraduate advising is available to assist you with the process.

Please contact our Undergraduate Advising Team at for assistance. For the BSc Climate Science program specifically, please contact

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Geography & Computer Science (Geomatics) BSc

geomatics combined program

Interested in customizing geographic technology? Combine geography and computer science to become a highly employable geomatics developer. This program will appeal to technical students interested in customizing geographic technology. Study GPS, satellite imagery, remotely sensed data, GIS and visualization tools. Learn how to collect, process, analyze and display data and use maps to improve our world. 

Potential careers: cartographer; emergency planner; environmental monitor; forestry technician; GIS technologist; geotechnical engineer; marine conservationist; meteorologist; mining researcher; sustainability or environmental consultant; urban/regional planner

Program requirements

Physical Geography & Earth Sciences BSc

physical geography combined

Are you interested in the forces that shape the Earth’s surface? Curious about natural resources and human impacts on the environment? Interested in remote sensing and digital mapping? Combine geography and earth science to study the way Earth’s natural systems work. This combined program offers the opportunity to complete the coursework required to obtain your Professional Geoscientist (P.Geo.) designation – a requirement for working as a geoscientist in BC.

Potential careers: environmental geoscientist; geographical information systems analyst; geological consultant; geomorphologist; hydrologist

Program requirements

Geography & EOS (Climate Science) BSc


Interested in the effects of climate change? Passionate about solutions to the world’s most urgent problem? This United Nations accredited, interdisciplinary program works towards sustainable development goals (SDG’s) by balancing practical foundations of climate science and the evolving impacts of climate change. Explore various theories, practical resources, and community engaged learning opportunities for an immersive education experience.

Potential careers: environmental consultant; climate change researcher; renewable energy scientist; meteorologist; climate policy analyst; conservationist;  emergency planner

Program requirements coming soon!
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