2015 Indigenous Mapping Workshop at Canada's Google Headquarters

Workshop participants in a hands-on training session at the 2014 Indigenous Mapping Conference at UVic.

Celebrating Indigenous Languages Google Earth Voyager on the mainstage at Google's 2019 Geo for Good Summit, Google Headquarters, Mountain View California

Our community outreach efforts have brought people together to discuss innovative techniques and learn practical how-to skills and strategies for undertaking ethnographic mapping research projects.

Past Workshops:

The 2021 Approaches Ethnographiques de la Cartographie Autochtone, where the UVic Ethnographic Mapping Lab in collaboration with UQAT provided a talk on Ethnographic approaches to Indigenous mapping and discussed how UVic's Ethnographic Mapping Lab is a place for gradaute students and faculty researchers to collaborate with Indigenous communities on projects that support Indigenous land rights, resource management, inter-generational knowledge sharing, and public education. 

The 2019 Collaborative Mapping with Google MyMaps, where the UVic Ethnographic Mapping Lab in collaboration with Dr. Cynthia Annett and Raleigh Seamster provided a talk at Google's Geo for Good Summit 2019. 

The 2019 Indigenous Mapping with Google Earth and MyMaps workshop, where the UVic Ethnographic Mapping Lab in collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada (Toronto) provided a workshop and presentation for the Uncovering Common Ground youth leadership project. 

The 2018 Indigenous Mapping with Google Earth and MyMaps workshop (Aug 7-8, 2018), where UVic's Ethnographic Mapping Lab in collaboration with Google Earth Outreach, provided an intensive set of training seminars for using Google's geo tools for Indigneous mapping projects at the International Geographical Union - Canadian Association of Geographiers - National Council of Geographic Educator joint Meetings, Québec, 07-08 August 2018

  • Indigenous Mapping with Google MyMaps [SLIDES]
  • Indigenous Mapping with Google Earth (beginner) [SLIDES]
  • Indigenous Mapping with Google Earth (Advanced) [SLIDES]

The 2017 Indigenous Mapping at UVic’s Ethnographic Mapping Lab, (Feb 23, 2017) Invited workshop on the foundations of Indigenous Mapping, for Google Mapping and Language Workshop, with Dr. Cynthia Annett at American Indian Language Development Institute, Northwest Region Workshop, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, Pendleton, Oregon for Google Earth Outreach Trainer's Network. 

The 2016 Indigenous Mapping workshop (Nov 7-10, 2016), where UVic Ethnographic Mapping Lab, in collaboration with Google Earth Outreach and The Firelight Group, provided extensive training to Indigenous community representitvies on using using Google geo-tools to support their community priorities.

  • Direct-to-Digital mapping using Google Earth [SLIDES]
  • Advanced Styling for Indigenous Mapping in Google Earth [SLIDES]
  • Using Google Earth Engine to monitor Indigenous territories by sattelite [SLIDES]
  • Web-based maps for story telling and public education using Google MyMaps [SLIDES]

The 2015 Community Focused Indigenous Mapping Workshop (Nov 17, 2015), organized by UVic's Ethnographic Mapping Lab, Google Earth Outreach in collaboration with the 114th Annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association, in Denver, CO. 

Below are some of the conferences and workshops we have presented at, many which higlight the use and capabiities of Google mapping tools for Indigenous mapping projects.

The 2014 Indigenous Mapping Workshop (Aug. 25-28, 2014) was co-hosted by the UVic Anthropology's Ethnographic Mapping Lab, the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, Google Earth Outreach, and the Firelight Group. Videos for nearly the entire workshop are available here, and training materials (slides, handouts) given at the workshop can be downloaded here.

The 2014 Kamchatka Indigenous Mapping Workshop (Sept. 2-4, 8-11) was hosted by UVic Anthropology's Ethnographic Mapping Lab.

The 2013 Google Indigenous Mapping Workshop (Dec. 5-6, 2013) was co-hosted by UVic Anthropology's Ethnographic Mapping Lab, Google Earth Outreach, and the University of Arizona.

The 2013 Indigenous Mapping Day MapUp (Aug. 9, 2013) was hosted by UVic's Ethnographic Mapping Lab.