Staff directory

Name Position Office, Phone, Email


Graduate Program Assistant: Provides administrative support for master’s and PhD students.

Contact the GPA for any administrative support related to the graduate programs, including admissions, awards and funding, and thesis/dissertation defense and graduation.

DTB B243



Laurel Currie

Undergraduate Advisor; Senior Academic Coordinator: Provides advising support for undergraduate students, manages ES undergraduate awards, and facilitates curriculum development in the School.

Contact Laurel for information about undergraduate programs, guidance with degree and career planning, course selection, registration, transfer credits, and inquiries regarding accessibility, equity, inclusion, and diversity.

DTB B258



Elizabeth England


Undergraduate Program Assistant & Reception: The first point of contact for the School, this position provides front-line receptionist duties and undergraduate program administrative support.

Contact Elizabeth for information about our School and for assistance with course registration, field school fees, keys sign-out, room bookings, events, and faculty and sessional instructor support.
DTB B243



School Administration: Handles the  administrative aspects of current faculty and staff appointments.

Acts as the School’s HR / Payroll contact for matters related to adjunct faculty, post-doctoral fellows, sessional instructors, visiting scholars, and teaching assistant appointments. Finance and claim accounting and reconciliation, course timetabling, website management and updates.

DTB B243a



Alina Fisher

research manager
Research Manager: Research support, including grant application, conducting research, through to agency reporting, and communications for the School.

Contact Alina for grant application development, post-award grant management including budgeting, expenditures, purchasing, and human resources, reporting to funders, and as a first point for publicizing your research findings.
DTB B239


Ryan Hilperts Field Schools Coordinator: Supports field schools, community engaged learning, and the undergraduate experience.

Contact Ryan for information about field schools, programming for undergraduates in the school and with ideas for events you’d like to see us host for undergraduates.
DTB B262


Anaïs Holdaway


Co-op and Career Coordinator: Creates job opportunities that will allow students to translate what they learn in the classroom into rewarding professional experiences.

Assists students to develop the skills and strategies needed to start building a stimulating career post-academia. 

COR B136