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School of Environmental Studies
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria BC V8W 2Y2

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School of Environmental Studies
University of Victoria
David Turpin Building, B-Wing, B243
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC V8P 5C2

General inquiries:

Phone: 250-721-7354
Director: 250-472-5070
Fax: 250-721-8985


Undergraduate: Laurel Currie, 250-721-6125,
Graduate: Dr. Brian Starzomski 250-853-3564,

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School of Environmental Studies

School of Environmental Studies (ENVI)

School of Environmental Studies
University of Victoria
David Turpin Building B243
School of Environmental Studies
Social Sciences & Math Building
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
School of Environmental Studies
University of Victoria
PO Box 3060, STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 3R4
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Receptionist & Undergraduate Programs Danielle Janess 250-721-7354 DTB B243
Undergraduate Advisor Laurel Currie 250-721-6125 DTB B258
Graduate Advisor Brian Starzomski 250-853-3564 DTB B255
Graduate Programs Administrative Assistant Elaine Hopkins 250-472-5516 DTB B243
Director Karena Shaw 250-472-5070 DTB B243b
School Administrator Lori Erb 250-472-4568 DTB B243
Restoration of Natural Systems - Academic Administrator Valentin Schaefer 250-472-4387 DTB A129
Restoration of Natural Systems - Program Coordinator Tusa Shea 250-721-8463 CST 308
Restoration of Natural Systems Library 250-472-4569 DTB A132
Environmental Studies FAX 250-721-8985 DTB B241
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Eugene Atleo
Natalie Ban 250-853-3569 (campus local: 3569)
Brenda Beckwith
Louise Blight
Norah Brown
Joanna Burgar
Kiyo Campbell
Jeremy Caradonna
Kacey Curiston
Deborah Curran 250-853-3105 (campus local: 3105)
Laurel Currie
Karen Dunmall
Don Eastman 250-479-8382
Lori Erb 250-472-4568 (campus local: 4568)
Alina Fisher 250-472-5923 (campus local: 5923)
Jason Fisher 250-886-9494
Julie Fortin
Beatrice Frank
Robert Gifford 250-721-7532 (campus local: 7532)
Anita Girvan
Purnima Govindarajulu
Jemma Green
Renee Hetherington
Thomas Heyd 250-853-3767 (campus local: 3767)
Eric Higgs 250-721-8228 (campus local: 8228)
Ryan Hilperts
Morgan Hocking
Elaine Hopkins 250-472-5516 (campus local: 5516)
Danielle Janess
Eric Keen
Elin Kelsey
Leslie King
Steven Kokelj
Trevor Lantz 250-853-3566 (campus local: 3566)
Darcy Mathews 250-472-4941 (campus local: 4941)
Vanessa Minke-Martin
Ana Maria Peredo 250-853-3558 (campus local: 3558)
Nikkita Reece 250-407-0016
Peter Ross
James Rowe 250-853-3574 (campus local: 3574)
Judith Sayers
Valentin Schaefer 250-472-4387 (campus local: 4387)
Kara Shaw 250-472-5070 (campus local: 5070)
Trudi Smith
Brian Starzomski 250-853-3564 (campus local: 3564)
Frances Stewart
Karson Sudlow
Duncan Taylor 250-721-7359 (campus local: 7359)
Angeline Tillmanns
Kate Turner
Nancy Turner 250-721-6124 (campus local: 6124)
Sonia Voicescu
John Volpe 250-472-4298 (campus local: 4298)
Johanna Wolf