Recognized for the quality of its teaching and research in both economics and econometrics, the department provides a learning environment that is open and friendly with small classes and an actively involved faculty. We aim to admit 15 to 20 master’s students and up to three doctoral students per year. This maintains the quality and intimacy of the program and our success in co-op placements. 

MA program

Our Master’s program provides a rigorous foundation in economic theory and econometrics, supplemented by electives with an applied focus. We offer two Master’s degree options: thesis-based and extended essay-based.

Thesis-based requires completion of the three core courses (4.5 units) and four elective courses (6.0 units). 

Extended essay-based requires completion of the three core courses (4.5 units) and five elective courses (7.5 units).

Our MA program, combined with the co-operative education option, will prepare you for doctoral studies and academic careers in economics or for professional research and analysis careers in both public and private sectors. We expect completion of the MA program, including fulfillment of co-op education requirements, within 7 terms (28 months) of enrollment.   

PHD program

Our PhD program provides you with a sound knowledge of an expanded range of theory and tools, and provides a consistent emphasis on the application of these tools to areas of policy importance. The program combines strong training in core economic theory and econometrics with electives in modern areas of applied economics. The co-operative education option is also available. We expect completion of the PhD program, including fulfilment of co-op education requirements, within five years of enrollment.  

Graduates of the program are prepared to compete effectively for research positions in the public and private sectors, or to pursue academic careers.