Dr. Nilanjana Roy

Dr. Nilanjana Roy
Associate Professor

On Leave

Office: BEC 364

PhD (California, Riverside)

Area of expertise

Econometrics, development economics

Nilanjana Roy is an associate professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Victoria. She joined the department in 1997 after receiving her PhD in Economics from the University of California, Riverside that same year.

Nilanjana’s research areas are econometrics and development economics. Her specific areas of interest in econometrics are panel data, nonparametric and semiparametric econometrics. On the development side, she is broadly interested in issues of well-being (e.g. health, education) in developing countries. She has published her work in various peer-reviewed journals such as Applied Economics, Economics Letters, Empirical Economics, Review of Econometrics, among others. She also serves as a referee for various journals including Economics Letters, Empirical Economics, Journal of Econometrics, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development.

Nilanjana teaches courses in econometrics and development economics both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


  • Econometrics
  • Development economics


Selected publications

  • Chen, W., J.A. Clarke and N. Roy, "Health and Wealth: Short Panel Granger Causality Tests for Developing Countries", Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, 2014, 26, 755-784.
  • Clarke, J.A. & N. Roy, "On Statistical Inference for Inequality Measures Calculated from Complex Survey Data", Empirical Economics, 2012, 43, 499-524.
  • Clarke, J. A., N. Roy and M.J. Courchane, 2009, "On the robustness of racial discrimination findings in mortgage lending studies", Applied Economics, 41: 2279-2297.
  • Engineer, M., I. King, N. Roy, 2008, “The human development index as a criterion for optimal planning”, Indian Growth and Development Review, 1.2:172-192.
  • Roy, N. and G. C. van Kooten, 2004, "Another look at the income elasticity of non-point source air pollutants: A semiparametric approach", Economics Letters, 85.1: 17-22.
  • Roy, N., 2002, “Is Adaptive Estimation Useful for Panel Models with Heteroskedasticity in the Individual-Specific Error Component? Some Monte Carlo Evidence,” Econometric Reviews, 21.2: 189-203.
  • Roy, N., 2001, “A Semiparametric Analysis of Calorie Response to Income Change Across Income Groups and Gender”, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, 10.1:93-109.
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