Dr. Marco Cozzi

Dr. Marco Cozzi
Associate Teaching Professor
Office: BEC 368


Area of expertise

Macroeconomics, empirical microeconomics, computational economics

Marco Cozzi joined the Department of Economics in the summer of 2015. Before joining the University of Victoria, he was an assistant professor at Queen's University. He received a Ph.D. in economics from University College London, UK, and an M.A, in economics from Bocconi University, Italy.

Dr. Cozzi's main research area is Quantitative Macreconomics.

He has been investigating the role of severance payments as an insurance mechanism for displaced workers, the effect of preference heterogeneity in accounting for both the distribution of wealth and the properties of business cycle fluctuations, the consequences on the property crime rate of a legalization experiment of hard drugs, the design of optimal public policies such as the pension benefit payments under uncertainty on the nature of labor market risk, and the use of Bayesian techniques in macro models with heterogeneous agents.

His publications have appeared in the Journal of Economics Dynamics and Control, Computational Economics and the Economics Letters.


  • Quantitative Macroeconomics
  • Heterogeneous-Agent Models
  • Empirical Microeconomics
  • Calibration Methods
  • Computational Economics
  • Economics of Crime


Selected publications

  • Cozzi, M., and G. Fella, 2016. "Job Displacement Risk and Severance Pay," Journal of Monetary Economics, in press. First published online 9/11/16
  • Cozzi, M., "The Krusell-Smith Algorithm: Are Self-fulfilling Equilibria Likely?", Computational Economics, 2015,46 (4), 653-670. First published online 30/10/14
  • Cozzi, M., 2014. Equilibrium Heterogeneous-Agent models as measurement tools: Some Monte Carlo evidence, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control39(C): 208-226.
  • Cozzi, M., Optimal Unemployment Insurance in GE: A Robust Calibration Approach, Economics Letters117(1): 28-31.

Book chapters:

  • Cozzi, M. 2013. Precautionary Savings and Wealth Inequality: a Global Sensitivity Analysis, Chapter 9 (pp. 195-222) in Calibration Technology, Theories and Applications, edited by I. Fujimoto and K. Nishimura. Nova Science Publishers.