Dr. Pascal Courty

Dr. Pascal Courty
Professor; Graduate Advisor
Office: BEC 340

Pascal Courty joined the University of Victoria in 2009 from the European University Institute where he was a professor of economics. He was previously associate professor at the London Business School, and assistant professor at University Pompeu Fabra. He has taught at the University of Chicago GSB, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and the Hong Kong School of Business. He received a PhD from the University of Chicago. 

Professor Courty has contributed to the fields of industrial organization, labour economics, personnel economics, and law and economics. His work is applied, and he has contributed to questions related to congestion pricing, resale markets for tickets, pop concert pricing, the design of incentives in government organizations, gaming in performance measurement systems, and the sorting of physicians in medical specialties. 

His work has been published in leading academic journals such as the American Economic Review, Review of Economics Studies, Journal of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Law and Economics, Journal of Economic Perspective, Economic Journal and Journal of Human Resources.  Pascal Courty is Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research.

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  • Information economics & contract theory
  • Industrial organization/behavioural IO
  • Personnel economics

Faces of UVic Research video

In this video, Dr. Courty talks about his research into firm pricing and its effects on consumers.


  • ECON 205, Managerial Economics
  • ECON 485, Topics in Economics: Advanced Industrial Organization
  • ECON 510, Industrial Organization and Public Policy
  • ECON 571, Advanced Topics in Labour Economics


(For copies of publications, please check Dr. Courty's website.)

Main Publications

  • Suspense : Dynamic Incentives in Sports Contests, (with Li Hao and W. Chan). Economic Journal.  January 2009, 119, p.24-46. CEPR Discussion Paper 3251.
  • A General Test for Distortions in Performance Measures (with G. Marschke). Review of Economics and Statistics. August 2008, (3) 428-441.  CEPR Discussion Paper 4514. 
  • Responsive Pricing (with M. Pagliero). Economic Theory.  2008, 34: 235–259.
  • An Empirical Investigation of Gaming Responses to Explicit Performance Incentives (with Gerald Marschke ). The Journal of Labor Economics.  January 2004, 22(1), p.23-56.
  • Some Economics of Ticket Resale.  Journal of Economic Perspectives.  Spring 2003, 17 (2) p.85-97.
  • Ticket Pricing Under Demand Uncertainty. Journal of Law and Economics. October 2003, XLVI (2), p. 627-52. 
  • Dynamics of Performance Measurement Systems. (with G. Marschke). Oxford Review of Economic Policy.  2003, 19 (2), p. 268-84.
  • Performance Incentives with Award Constraints, (with G. Marschke). Journal of Human Resources.  Vol 38 n.4 2002. p. 812-845.
  • Sequential Screening (with Li, Hao). Review of Economic Studies. (67) 2000. p.697-717.
  • Timing of Clearance Sales and Competition. (with Li, Hao). Journal of Business October 1999.
  • Measuring Government Performance: Lessons from a Federal Training Program (with G. Marschke).  American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings. May, 1997. p.383-88.

Other Refereed Publications

  • Do consumers care about how prices are set? (with M. Pagliero). International Journal of the Economics of Business.  Forthcoming 2007.
  • Setting the Standard in Performance Measurement Systems.  (with C Heinrich and G. Marschke). International Public Management Journal.  2005, 8(3), p. 1–27. 
  • Making Government Accountable: Lessons from a Federal Job Training Program (with G. Marschke).  Public Administration Review. (Forthcoming, 2005).
  • Benchmarking Performance (with G. Marschke). Public Finance and Management. 2004.4(3), p. 288-316.
  • Performance Funding in Federal Agencies: A Case Study of a Federal Job Training Program (with G. Marschke). Public Budgeting and Finance. 2003, fall issues (Vol. 23:3).
  • An Economic Guide to Ticket Pricing in the Entertainment Industry. Louvain Economic Review. (66) 2 2000  p. 167-192.
  • Financial Immunization, Market Incompleteness and Wavelets (with J.M. Lasry, J.M. Morel, and C.W. Yip).Compte Rendu de l'Academie des Sciences. Serie I, Mathematique, 1993, 316 p. 341-44.
  • Linearization of the Portfolio Hedging Problem on Wavelet Basis (with I. Ekeland, J.M.Morel, and C.W. Yip). Compte Rendu de l'Academie des Sciences. Serie I, Mathematique, 1993, 316 p 399-402.

 Book Chapters

  • The Job Training Partnership Act Incentive System (with G. Marschke). In, Performance Standards in a Government Bureaucracy, edited by J. Heckman. W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. (Forthcoming 2006.)
  • Moral Hazard Under Incentive Systems: The Case of a Federal Bureaucracy  (with G. Marschke). In Advance in The Study of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Economic Growth. Ed. Gary Libecap JAI Press, Greenwich , Vol. 7, 1996. P 157-90.
  • Identical price categories in oligopolistic markets. Innocent behaviour or collusive practice? (with N. Fabra, M. Motta, and C. Fumagalli).  AGCM Collana Temi e Problemi, Vol 11, June 2006.