Interdisciplinary programs

Students have a number of opportunities to pursue interdisciplinary graduate studies in the Social Sciences.  Students enrolled in programs within our departments or the school interested in interdisciplinary research can create a supervisory committee that includes one or more faculty members from other disciplines.

Students interested in integrating knowledge, skills, data, ideas and insights from different domains of knowledge to examine a phenomenon that lies beyond the purview of a single area of knowledge and/or specific disciplines can take advantage of the Individual Interdisciplinary Program offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Working with co-supervisors in at least two different academic units, students design and follow an individual program tailored to their own interests.

Faculty members and departments in the Social Sciences participate in two formal interdisciplinary programs. The Social Dimensions of Health program focuses specifically on interdisciplinary health research. It provides a home for graduate students who are interested in health and working under faculty members affiliated with research centres on campus.

The departments of Political Science and Sociology offer an interdisciplinary concentration in Cultural, Social and Political Thought (CSPT) along with the departments of English and History.  CSPT gives the brightest students in the Humanities and Social Sciences the opportunity to grapple with the big thinkers and big issues of our time, in a context that puts aside disciplinary boundaries, encourages intellectual exploration and critique, and ultimately puts everyone’s dogmas at issue. The concentration is only available to students who have been accepted into a graduate program in English, History, Political Science, or Sociology and who also have satisfied the admissions requirements of the CSPT Program itself.