Ryan Potter

Ryan Potter

PhD student


April Nowell


Evolution and ecology
Visual anthropology and materiality

Hello! I am a new PhD student here. I was born in Ottawa on Anishinabe Algonquin territory. I have always been interested in human biological and sociocultural evolution.

I completed my undergraduate degree at Carleton University in Theoretical Linguistics and Anthropology, with an almost-minor in Biology, hoping to study the evolution of human language in some respect. I completed my MA at Carleton in applied Linguistics. I also have schooling in visual arts from the Ottawa school of Art.

I will be studying signs in Palaeolithic cave art and stone tools in Europe, supervised by Dr. April Nowell and Dr. Christian Bentz. Through the use of, and contribution to, online databases of sites and signs, I hope to possibly gain insight into a number of things, including the development of written language, human cognitive development, and more accurate dating of sites and objects. I hope to make use of, and potentially contribute to, online visual databases of sites and signs that were established in previous research.