Jordi Hamilton

Jordi Hamilton

MA student


Helen Kurki


Evolution and ecology

I am a masters student working under the supervision of Dr. Helen Kurki. My undergraduate studies were a mixed focus of biological anthropology and archaeology, and in 2017 I received my Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. During my undergraduate, I participated in UNBC’s Archaeological Field School of 2015 on Calvert Island. In partnership with the Heiltsuk Nation, the Wuikinuxv Nation, and the Hakai Institute we were fortunate to excavate thousands of years into the island’s cultural history. As well, in 2017 I was part of the Badia Pozzeveri Field School in Italy. The field school is part of an ongoing excavation analyzing the medieval skeletal population buried there between the 10th and 19th centuries.

My main interests lie in human osteology, hominin hybridization (i.e, Human-Neanderthal hybrids), and human evolution. During my graduate studies, I aim to examine the relationship of stress markers on skeletal remains to occupational activities and their potential effects on human physiology. Further, I am interested in what effect the admixture of Neanderthal genes might have had on the osseous physiology of Anatomically Modern Humans.