Camilla Cyr

Camilla Cyr

MA student


Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier


Visual anthropology and materiality

Camilla’s general research interests include ethnography and exploring the different ways that anthropological research can be adopted into different forms of media, whether that be comic books, interactive games, movies and shorts, or 4D museum exhibitions, thus making anthropological knowledge easier to distribute and generally more accessible to non-academics. Her interest in this has led to the creation of several short ethnographic films she made during her undergrad, and her participation in a pop-up interactive museum exhibit that was hosted and collaborated with the RBC Museum.

Camilla, a recent undergraduate from UVic, found inspiration in deepening her ethnographic research skills after attending the 2018 CASCA-Cuba Ethnographic Field School hosted by Dr. Boudreault-Fournier. During this field school she traveled between Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa where she learned the general history of the island while experiencing the art, music, and food cultures of Cuba. Camilla’s MA journey begins with the opportunity to continue experiencing Cuba through a research project that she will be working on with Dr. Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier. The MA research project centers around the rapid socio-economic change that has led to a housing crisis in Cuba and the ways that Cubans show their anticipation and hope for a future through home de/construction and renovation. The project aims to use innovative research methodologies such as film, audio recordings, and architectural design. Camilla is passionate about pursuing this research project and is excited about the opportunity to expand her skills in audio-visual anthropology.