Cassandre Campeau-Bouthillier

Cassandre Campeau-Bouthillier

PhD candidate


Lisa M. Mitchell


Culture, health and inequality

I am a doctoral candidate working under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Mitchell.

My work centres on perceptions of and interactions with skeletal bodies--namely, how people experience their musculoskeletal systems through cultural and medical perspectives.

Drawing on theories of body in medical anthropology and other social sciences, I examine yoga and chiropractic care as bodily practices to suggest how attending to individuals’ skeletal lives can complicate and enrich understandings of embodiment.

I am also interested in dimensions involving alternative worldviews and transdisciplinarity in my current and previous work.

I have an MFA in Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies from the University of British Columbia where my thesis focused on creating a manuscript of poems that explored the lived experiences of the human skeleton and its place and space within society. My poems have a strong scientific inclination—I like to incorporate elements of anthropology and astronomy within my writing. 

I also have a BA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia.