Robbie Alberto

Robbie Alberto

MA student


Daromir Rudnyckyj


Culture, health and inequality

Hi, my name is Roberto Norman Manuel Alberto but I go by Robbie. I was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, however, my family roots are primarily El Salvadorian.

I completed my BA in Anthropology at the University of Victoria in April 2021 and it was in my third year that the idea to pursue a master’s in Anthropology began. As someone who has a large personal interest in video games and eSports I decided that I would blend my interest outside of University with my interest in University. Providing me the unique opportunity to conduct ethnographic research on a topic close to my personal interests. Under the supervision of Dr. Daromir Rudnyckyj, my master’s research focuses on the neo-liberalization of the eSports industry. My Master’s project seeks to provide evidence through participant observation and interviews of a possible application and influence of neoliberal attributes described by Michel Foucault on the eSports industry and its economic rationale. Specifically, I wish to investigate the trading and selling of players from teams to team, the neoliberal aspects players are implicating in their day to day lives and practices with their teams, as well as a general interest in the history of the eSports industry and how it became an industry with an estimated value of over $USD 1 billion.

Outside of University I volunteer at the Inter-cultural Association of Greater Victoria, as well I am a huge football (soccer) fan, and a coach at Bays United Soccer Club. I have a large passion for playing all types of video games, including the same ones I wish to study.