Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer Robinson

PhD candidate


Andrea N. Walsh


Visual anthropology and materiality

My name is Jennifer and I am a PhD Candidate working under the guidance of Dr. Andrea Walsh. I am originally from the Prairies, but I have been very fortunate to call the Coast Salish territories of the West Coast home for a number of years. I have a keen passion for the distinctiveness of Canadian Culture and this passion drives much of my research interests. As a nation of nations, I believe much of the uniqueness of Canada lies in the relationships between Indigenous peoples, early Euro-American and Asian settlers, and new immigrant communities. Investigating these (often fraught) relationships forms the basis of my work in areas such as: colonial/”post”-colonial narratives, performance theory, the materiality of media, visual methodologies, community-based research protocols, critical museology, ethical exhibition and curation practices, and the evolving discourse(s) of human rights in Canada.

In 2011 I completed my MA in Material and Visual Culture at the University College London working with Dr. Chris Pinney. For this project I worked with a collection of photographs from National Portrait Gallery taken in the early 1900s of performers and members of London’s artistic community. My current doctoral research also engages with the notion of activating museum and archival collections. For this project, I am interested in surveying the current landscape of human rights research and exhibition practices at a number of Canadian museum and gallery spaces. Through interviews with heritage professionals from museums and galleries form across Canada my research assess the various strategies and challenges of curating and exhibiting difficult subject matter related to human rights violations that have occurred in Canada. More information on this research and other projects can be seen on my webpage: