Rebecca Wigen

Rebecca Wigen
Senior lab Instructor and undergraduate adviser


Office: COR B219

I teach the labs for the 2nd year archaeology and physical anthropology classes, which I enjoy very much. In addition I am also one of anthropology's undergraduate advisers. This gives me the opportunity to interact with many of the Anthropology undergraduate students.

I am very involved in zooarchaeology, working on material from west coast sites covering the area from Alaska to Oregon.  In aid of this I also started and manage the comparative skeletal collection for the Anthropology department.


  • Zooarchaeology
  • North West Coast
  • Taphonomy

Undergraduate adviser

Undergraduate student advisers

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, Cornett B219
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Undergraduate adviser: Cornett B211a

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Current projects

Qwu?gwes faunal analysis

I'm currently involved in faunal analysis for the Qwu?gwes (Mud Bay) site in Washington and Keatley Creek in BC.

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Selected publications

Articles and chapters

  • 2009 - Synthesis and Summary of Sunken Village Fauna, 2006-2007 Excavations. In, “ Sunken Village , Sauvie Island , Oregon , USA : A Report on the 2006-2007 Investigations of National Historic Landmark Wet Site 35MU4,” edited by Dale R. Croes, John L. Fagan nad Maureen Newman Zehendner. Journal of Wetland Archaeology 9: 104-113.
  • 2005 - History of the Vertebrate Fauna in Haida Gwaii. In, Haida Gwaii: Human History and Environment from the Time of Loon to the Time of the Iron People , edited by D. W. Fedje and R. W. Mathewes, pp 96-115 . Vancouver : University of British Columbia Press.
  • 2004 - (with C. L. Ramsey, P. A. Griffiths, D. W. Fedje, and Q. Mackie) Preliminary Investigation of a Late Wisconsinan Fauna from K1 Cave, Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii), Canada . Quaternary Research 62:105-109.